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Core Values


PRODUCTS: We love what we make 

The proof of who we are is in our work. We showcase ourselves through the quality and dedication that we put into our products. Handmade with genuine leather, our items are imagined in Montreal, and handcrafted in Spain, Italy and Brazil. We go against fast-fashion and seek to slow it down, by handling our products with care, and precision. We create in a way that is innovative because for us fashion and art are passions, and we love to explore the limitless possibilities of self expression. This is why we love to create new styles so frequently so that we can set our own trends, and so that our customers can curate their own unique style. We pride ourselves on ethically sourcing and producing the materials for our products, all while maintaining high quality standards and remaining in an accessible price range. 


EMPLOYEES: Growing together as a team

We can only go as far as our team can! At L’INTERVALLE, we seek to create the opportunities for our people to learn, to create, and to develop their talents and strengths. We offer coaching and mentorship for our people so we can nurture their professional goals, whether it be long or short term. Our mentorship is growth-oriented, and to demonstrate that we deeply value each and every member of our team. We love passion, innovation, and fresh ideas -- and these can only be possible from the members that join our team. It’s our people that bring us together, and that push us to keep striving for excellence. 

As individuals, we believe that love, respect, inclusion, kindness, and diversity are integral to our success. We are so thankful to build a team where, through hard work, passion and commitment, we get to embark an incredibly fulfilling journey. It’s because of our people that we are able to write a story of success, and it is together that we are able to continue writing our history.


COMMUNITY: Making a difference

It’s our fundamental belief that moving forward is only possible if we uplift those around us, with genuine care and love. We are consistently looking for ways to give back to our community, which we do by partnering up with different charitable organizations. We are humbled and honoured to be in a position to make a difference, and it’s a responsibility we take seriously. We are committed to improving our community, considering we know the importance of working together in order to foster positive long lasting change in our world. It’s for this reason that we are always making the conscious effort to give back in a positive and impactful way, so that our legacy can be a positive one as well.

ENVIRONMENT: Creating with the world in mind

We know that quality begins with a good foundation, and so we ensure our production process is environmentally conscious. Meaning, our products are transported by boat and not by plane, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We operate in a sustainable fashion, by using chrome free leather, as well as having our factories frequently audited in order to regularly ensure sustainable production standards are being upheld. We also value the work of our incredibly talented and passionate craftspeople, and so we know the importance of compensating them fairly. We make sure every step of the production process is handled with care, precision, and of course, with love.


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