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About us

Our Story

Since its conception in 2015, L’INTERVALLE has sought to fill in the space between high end and low end footwear, which is the idea that inspired our name. Our story began in Montreal with a husband and wife team, who had the dream and passion to provide the fashion footwear industry with something it was missing. The vision came to life when L’INTERVALLE positioned itself in the industry by focusing on providing high quality products while remaining in an affordable price range. 
Today, with over 20 years of international footwear experience, an international website, and with 15 stores locations across Canada, L’INTERVALLE has since become a force to be reckoned with, by providing unique fashion pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer timelessly designed pieces, made of outstanding durable quality for those who want to defy trends, and express their truest self through fashion. By purposefully selecting our materials, L’INTERVALLE offers exclusive and unique products that are hand-crafted from Spain, Italy and Brazil with the goal of going against fast-fashion. With this in mind we produce limited quantities, yet we drop exciting products on a weekly basis. We want to slow fashion down while focusing on perfecting our craft. We want our passion to shine through, and for our core values to speak for themselves through the quality of work.

Our Vision

We seek to craft original and unique shoes and handbags that blend colour, texture, and geometry. We love to test the boundaries of fashion and allow our customers to curate their own style through our fashion forward pieces. We believe fashion and art have no bounds, and so we seek those who wish to explore the limitless possibilities of fashion and creativity. We believe in setting the trends, and to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can create. It’s for this reason that we continuously strive to be the fashion footwear destination. Our inspiration comes from all areas of art, whether it be street fashion, haute couture, or anything in between. We love to look out into the world, see what the trends are, set our own and then bring them to life. We set our own direction and break out of the mold, in order to express the truest version of ourselves.



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